adidas Predator 181 Pink Australia Review

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Adidas’s Predator 181 football boot is a high-performance, performance-oriented model. Its Engineered mesh construction and dedicated embossing deliver unrivaled ball control and comfort. In addition, the Predator 181 Pink features a breathable Sockfit construction and a Customizable fit.

Socket construction

The Adidas Predator 181 Pink Australia is a highly comfortable basketball cleat with a sock-fit construction. It is a lightweight option, weighing just 7.3 ounces. These shoes are made with a combination of leather and mesh. The dribble zone is situated on the side of the boot, and the “drive zone” is in the striking area of the foot. The drive zone is helpful for long passes down the field and powerful shots. The Pass Zone, located on the side of the big toe, is made up of additional foam and adhesive material. This area is helpful for spin shots.

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The Socket collar is an essential feature of this cleat. It helps ensure optimal ball control with the help of the Adidas Primeknit material. This lightweight upper also provides optimal support while still retaining flexibility. The midsole is made from a synthetic suede liner and is removable for comfort. The cleat is also built with a cleat system that is aluminum and TPU-based.

The Adidas Predator Absolute was released in mid-2006. The first colorways of the Predator were black/red and white/gold. These shoes also came with a changeable PowerPulse sock liner. In addition, the gold/white Absolute was created for former Real Madrid forward Zine Zidane to commemorate his last international tournament. There are also some new models in the Predator line.

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High-tech furnishings

In the latest edition of the Predator line, Adidas has released two new colorways: electricity/black/poppy and black/Running-White. These shoes are designed to be comfortable and lightweight and are made with a blend of materials to provide excellent thermal insulation and vapor permeability. These shoes also feature a modern design that improves player performance.

Customizable fit

The Adidas Predator 181 Soft Ground cleat is built with an adjustable fit, and the socket collar provides maximum comfort and support. Its control skin upper delivers optimal ball control. It also has an injection-molded Controlframe to provide overall support and flexibility.

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Limitless ball control

Adidas Predator 181 is the latest addition to its line of high-performance soccer shoes. Its uppers feature Controlskin technology for ball control. The laceless, pure-cut design also creates a seamless playing surface. Its Primemesh material gives the player a comfortable fit. It also features a TPU-injected layer for stability in fast movements.

The Adidas Predator is synonymous with ball control. Its upper features coated mesh, kangaroo leather, and Primemesh materials to help you control the ball better. The spikes are strategically placed for increased power and ball swerve. And the shoe’s textured control embossing creates an added curve on shots.

Adidas’ Predator FG was initially intended as the peak of the Predator range. This model was released in the champagne colorway in 2017 and has sold for monstrous prices on eBay. Another popular option was the Predator Pulse, released in late 2003. The original colorway was black and red. Released ahead of UEFA Euro 2004, it featured the Power Pulse System and was the first football boot to use it. However, one major drawback is that the insole cannot be replaced.

The Adidas Predator football boot line helps you dictate every play. Its breakthrough technology in football enables you to have limitless ball control and stability. The innovative leather ridges in the upper of the boot help increase power. The patented outsoles are designed to help you dominate the pitch.

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adidas Predator 181 Pink Australia Review
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