Nike Phantom Scorpion Elite FG Review

The Nike Phantom Scorpion Elite FG is a high-performance football boot that delivers traction and precise touch on short-grass pitches. Its design is inspired by the Secret Tournament campaign, featuring 24 world’s top football stars. The shoe features a unique texture, which thickens at the instep for a more responsive touch.

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Grippy texture across the Flyknit top

The Nike Phantom GT is a performance football boot with premium materials and a lightweight build. The shoe has a grippy texture across the Flyknit top, which improves touch and control. It also has an off-center lacing system for a clean strike zone.

During development, Nike used digital data sets to test the shoe’s grip and feel. They tried hundreds of configurations and learned what traction was optimal for different feet. The Phantom GT has the right amount of grippy texture without overdoing it. It also has a soft Flyknit upper to retain its premium feel.

The Nike Phantom GT is available in two colorways: white with pink accents and black with pink logos. There’s also a high-cut version and one with a FlyEase system. These are designed for both players who are new to football boots and those who are accustomed to playing in sneakers.

Specialized traction on the bottom

The Nike Phantom GT Scorpion Elite FG is a performance football cleat with a Flyknit upper and Dynamic Traction. Both features provide the smooth touch and reliable control. The upper is also one piece, providing a close-to-ball feel. Finally, the cleat’s Dynamic Fit collar offers a seamless fit.

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The upper is built using FlyKnit and Generative Texture, giving it a more natural feel. The shoe is also coated with Nike’s All Conditions Control (ACC) coating for even more grip. A lateral lacing system is also included for increased support and hold. The chassis of the Phantom GT Scorpion Elite is based on the exact Hyperquick System as the original Phantom GT. The design is perfect for twisting and turning, with a flexible forefoot and stable heel.

The Phantom GT Scorpion is ideal for a wide variety of surfaces. This model does not perform well on deep mud but is suitable for various characters, including firm ground, Astroturf, and artificial grass. It is also ideal for indoor and court surfaces.

The Nike Phantom GT is a conservative step back for the company, but it is one that the company should take in 2020 to find out what the consumer wants. With the next iteration, the company will attempt to change the game again. Perhaps they’ll introduce a stud configuration or bring back the semi-split sole.

The upper is another notable feature. This shoe features a modular chassis instead of a one-piece design. It is made with a high-friction microfiber synthetic shell that supports the inner bootie while enhancing ball control. It also features a Dynamic Fit collar to provide additional ankle stability. Finally, the asymmetrical lace closure allows for a greater area of power on the forefoot.

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$100m advertising campaign

The Nike Phantom GT Scorpion Elite is an athletic football boot that comes in a variety of different surface types. The upper is made of FlyKnit with a Generative Texture to increase grip and feel. Added to that is Nike’s All Conditions Control coating. This shoe also features lateral lacing for additional instep stability. The chassis is similar to the Hyperquick System of the original Phantom GT and features a flexible forefoot with a stable heel, making it a good option for twisting and turning.

While the Nike Phantom GT Scorpion is suitable for various surfaces, it is not made for deep mud. It is available for artificial grass, firm ground, multi-ground, and indoor / court surfaces. The advertising campaign is aimed at athletes, not casual fans.

Available in black or white

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Nike Phantom Scorpion Elite FG Review
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