How to Get VSN From a Hard Drive

There are several ways to change your Windows volume serial number. For some software licenses, it is essential to use a VSN, as this helps ensure that the software works correctly. It is also a disk signature and part of your master boot record. Although Windows doesn’t come with a built-in way to change your VSN, there are several free vendor tools that you can use to do so.

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Volume serial number

There are two ways to get the volume serial number from a hard drive. The first method uses the command prompt to identify the volume. The second method uses the volume label. The volume label is a unique character set that displays the volume serial number. It is an essential piece of information that can be helpful if you need to format a hard drive.

Volume Serial Number Editor is an application that lets you change the volume serial number of a hard drive. It is a Windows console application that supports the FAT32, NTFS, and exFAT file systems. The application can be downloaded free of charge and will receive free upgrades and updates.

In addition to volume serial numbers, you can also find disk signatures. This is a 4-byte value that is part of the physical disk and is located in Windows shortcuts and application Prefetch files. Disk signatures can also be found in the value data of the MountedDevices key.

Some processes also require volume serial numbers. For instance, when you extend an existing data set onto new tapes, you need a VOL1 label with the volume serial number. This information is stored in the UCB or JFCB. The system will direct you to mount a scratch tape if there is no volume serial number. Then, the system will get the VOL1 label and record the volume serial number in the UCB or JFCB.

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Using forensic software, you can also get the volume serial number from a USB device. If you know the link file of the device, you can connect it to your computer and see the serial number it has stored. The software will show the link file with the volume serial number if it matches the one on the hard drive.


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How to Get VSN From a Hard Drive
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