Nike Magista 2018 Review

If you’re looking for a new pair of running shoes, you will want to check out the Nike Magista 2018. It’s an affordable pair with some great features. Flyknit is one of those features. It also has a Dynamic Fit collar. There’s a Pearl upper, as well as Gold detailing.


The Flyknit NIKE magista 2018 is an excellent option for a high-performance soccer boot. The material is exceptionally lightweight and conforms to the foot’s shape. This allows the player to control the ball without sacrificing stability. The NIKE magista also has 360 degrees of rotational traction. Lastly, this soccer boot also features a Pebax-and-nylon plate that delivers strength and responsiveness while remaining lightweight. The Pebax-based structure eliminates mechanical flex, and the nylon plate extends to the big toe to act as a chassis for the player’s foot.

Magista’s technology was developed with creative playmakers in mind. It was designed with traction, fit, and touch in mind so that players can focus on creating and executing their attacks. The Flyknit upper of the Magista also offers a mid-cut dynamic fit collar for a more locked-down fit. In addition, the Magista was created through four years of r&d at NIKE’s sport research lab with input from some of the world’s best-attacking playmakers.

The Nike Magista is available in a wide range of colors. The ‘Intense Heat’ variant was released in March. It was a shocking color combination, and it was hard to match it with a soccer team’s kit. Another popular variant was the ‘Just Do It Pack,’ designed for the 2018 World Cup.

Dynamic Fit collar

The Nike Magista 2018 Dynamic Fit collar is designed to lock down the foot, ankle, and lower leg. The collar’s design is an integrated unit. To enhance its comfort, Nike redesigned it with a thicker knit construction. It also features a deeper cuff that keeps the ankle bone in place.

This new collar is not a complete replacement for the old, traditional Nike Soccer Boots. However, the brand tries to get every player to wear a Dynamic Fit collar in their cleats. Almost half of the top players wear traditional Nike Soccer Boots. However, a few players like Mario Gotze stepped away from conventional Nike soccer boots to test the new Magista cleats. This decision led to Gotze being the new global face of the Magista cleats. The German striker scored the winning goal at the 2014 World Cup. However, he is rarely in the starting line-up for Bayer Munich.

The Dynamic Fit collar is also found on the Magista Obra and Orden II. The former features Pebax-based outsoles and studs, while the latter’s outsoles are directly injected with TPU. The Dynamic Fit collar offers a snug fit around the foot while providing lightweight cushioning.

The Magista boot debuted in the spring of 2014 and was designed to fit the player’s body. The boot featured a sock, a big draw in early 2014. But, as the popularity of the boot increased, Nike seized the opportunity to implement the hose across all boot silos. They even included the sock on the seemingly everlasting Mercurial. It is now the dominant football boot on the market.

Pearl upper

The Pearl upper on the Nike Magista 2018 is made of synthetic leather and is similar to the Magista Orden. However, Orden’s collar is different from that of the Magista Onda. The Magista Onda features a textured upper and tongueless construction, which gives you a more comfortable feel for the ball.

When the Magista first launched, it had a low profile compared to other Nike boots. However, the novelty of the sock was a huge draw. The company soon jumped on the opportunity to incorporate socks across different boot silos. Nike even added a hose to the seemingly immortal Mercurial, which became the market leader.

The Pearl upper is also seen on the Magista Opus. This version features Gold detailing and FC Barcelona’s colors. It is also decorated with the infinity symbol and words from the team’s special edition jersey. The Nike Magista Opus is priced at $300 and is available in various colorways.

The Magista has been designed with creative midfielders in mind. Its design has eliminated distractions and allowed the midfielder to focus on the game. The upper has a Flyknit Dynamic Fit Collar and precision-woven polyester yarn. These features ensure that the Magista follows your foot’s every movement.

Gold detailing

This new gold-detailed version of the Nike Magista is designed to meet the demands of the most creative playmakers. Its technology focuses on fit, touch, and traction. The upper is made of synthetic leather and features a bumpy construction that enhances the ball feel. This upper also features a tongueless design.

The ‘Intense Heat’ variant of the Magista was released in March. It featured a shocking color combination that was hard to match to a team’s kit. A variant of this model was released in the Just Do It Pack and was worn by several players during the World Cup.

Tailored finish

In spring 2014, Nike launched the Magista, a soccer cleat designed to fit snugly to the foot. The Magista’s design was aimed to mimic a player’s natural gait, allowing the player to feel like the boot is an extension of the player’s body. While the Magista’s lifespan was relatively short, it significantly impacted the sock boot market. While it was a success, Nike quickly phased it out, citing several reasons.

The Magista Onda features a textured upper that helps the player feel the ball. It also incorporates a tongueless construction, integrating the tongue with the upper to reduce the number of moving parts. It feels like one with the foot and is a great fit for players of all levels. It also features ACC technology, giving players the same feel for the ball in wet and dry conditions.

While the Magista looks similar to the Superfly, it features new technologies. It features a new breathable, dimpled outer shell that makes it feel comfortable no matter the weather conditions. The outsole is made of flexible fiberglass. This boot is available in various colors, including mango, which has become the signature shade of the Mercurial.

The Magista is designed to cater to the needs of the modern playmaker. Its traction, fit, and touch features make it an excellent option for attacking players. Its design also incorporates Nike Flyknit, a material that is now common across the Nike boot range. This material allows the player to be closer to the ball, which allows for better control when delivering a pass.

Superfly tag

Although the new Nike Magista 2018 Superfly tag looks the same as the older model, the differences aren’t in the name. The new boot incorporates several new technologies, such as a dimpled outer shell and All Conditions Control technology, which provides consistent grip in dry and wet conditions. In addition, it features a mango orange shade and a new three-knit weave.

Similar to the Maestri range, the Magista is designed for players with a more technical passing style. While the Superfly is intended to be lightweight, it is also durable and supportive. A new heel counter extends the outsole, providing extra stability, protection, and a unique look.

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Nike Magista 2018 Review
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