Nike Phantom VSN Soccer Cleats

Nike’s new PhantomVSN running shoes have been designed with comfort in mind. They are built from the inside out to provide superior fit and comfort. The collar’s design has been reduced to offer easier foot entry, though you’ll still have to work a little to slide your foot in and lock it in place.


The Nike Phantom VSN Elite has been designed for players who want a boot with excellent responsiveness and comfort. The boot is built for players who use their feet for dribbling and shooting. The two-layered sole plate helps the player connect with the ball with ease. The boot’s ACC (All Conditions Control) coating helps absorb impact more efficiently.

This soccer boot has the best fit of any football boot on the market. The upper fits every part of your foot. There’s no tongue, either, which makes it comfortable to wear. The laces are simple and sit where a language would be on other boots. The laces are soft, which makes them very comfortable.

The upper is made of soft, stretchy Flyknit material. It’s the softest Flyknit that Nike has ever made on a football boot. The Flyknit material is made up of triangular bumps that provide traction. A knit cover hides the laces, so players can’t see the inside of the shoe.

The Nike Phantom VSN Elite has a comfortable fit that helps players focus on their playmaking. The Elite and Pro models feature Nike Flyknit material, which wraps around the foot like a glove. The Academy and Club models have Synthetic leather engineered for peak performance and durability. While this material takes a few minutes to break in, it can deliver long-lasting comfort.


The new Nike Phantom VSN Pro Elite Dynamic Fit FG delivers the utmost precision to the field. Its textured Flyknit outer layer and the foot-hugging inner sleeve are designed for tomorrow’s finishers, providers, and players. With these features, you’ll be able to dominate on the field and make your teammates and fans jealous.

The new model of the Nike Phantom was first introduced after the 2018 World Cup. Since its release, it has become a trendy boot and has needed a refresh. The reboot was completed in early 2020 and has made the boot more efficient. Although it has lost the semi-split sole and stud configuration used to make the original Phantom so popular, it still features a similar Flyknit upper material and logo.

The Nike PhantomVSN Pro Dynamic Fit Firm Ground features a layered construction that hides the laces from sight. This gives the player a wider striking surface and improved control when tackling. It also includes a Dynamic Fit collar that wraps around the ankle for added stability. Moreover, it features a contoured sock liner to maximize comfort. This shoe also features a Hyperprecision plate for responsive traction on firm ground.

The Ghost lacing system of the Nike Phantom Vision Pro has been updated. The ghost laces are now covered with a new pull tab. It sits lower than the first-generation Ghost laces. In addition, the Ghost lacing system has been tightened. It also includes a new lateral swoosh.

The Nike Phantom Vision Pro has a unique upper construction and a heavier silhouette. It also features the Nikeskin coating and Ghost lacing system. This boot is a perfect option for players who want a pro-quality boot at an affordable price.

Neighbourhood Pack

The Nike Phantom VSN 2 Neighbourhood Pack soccer cleats feature a street art-inspired Swoosh graphic on the upper. They also feature Flyknit construction and a Ghost Lace system for maximum comfort. The Ghost Lace system is hidden from view and tightens with just one pull. It also helps you strike the ball with greater precision. Finally, the boots have a Dynamic Fit collar, which wraps around the ankle in soft knit.

The Nike Phantom VSN 2 Neighbourhood Pack is part of the Nike 2020 line. It features a wrap-around coating and a NikeSkin outer layer. It also features a Ghost Lace system and a Dynamic Fit collar to provide secure support.

The Neighbourhood Pack is inspired by the historical fields where football was born. It includes the Phantom VSN, Tiempo, and Mercurial models. The color palette is black with red outlines, and the boot’s swoosh is black with red. The Neighbourhood Pack also features a subtle print of postal codes and numbers.

The Neighbourhood Pack is available in three colorways. You can choose between an FG/MG version or a mixed FG/MG version. For example, the FG/MG version is available in Bomber Grey/Black. You can opt for a black-and-white FG/MG model for a more classic look.

Generative Texture pattern

The Generative Texture pattern on the Nike Phantom VSN soccer shoes promotes critical interactions with the ball. The shoe’s soft interior and low profile encourage control. The instep has a textured surface, which adds grip without changing the shoe’s feel.

The Generative Texture pattern on the Nike Phantom VSN soccer shoes is very similar to that of the Nike Phantom GT. It was designed to combine the best features of the two silos in one boot. The upper is made from lightweight Flyknit and has an ACC coating for all conditions.

This Nike soccer cleat is designed for the most advanced touch. Its raised patterning provides supreme control of the ball’s flight and spin. It also has a new off-center lacing system for cleaner strikes. This shoe also has a Nike All Conditions Control coating, which helps create neat touches in any weather. Its Generative Texture provides excellent close control and a grippy feel.

The Nike Sports Research Lab developed the Generative Texture pattern on the Nike Phantom GT soccer boot. The company analyzed ball movement data to build the new texture. The scientists then molded this texture into the upper of the shoe. The resulting surface focuses on different patterns and heights.

Ghost lacing system

The Nike PhantomVSN soccer cleats have a Ghost lacing system that replaces the traditional laces. This lacing system offers a custom fit and a concealed lockdown. This lacing system also provides a one-pull construction that minimizes foot strain. This system allows the player to customize the shoe’s fit for their needs. The Ghost lacing system is an excellent feature for players who want to minimize foot strain during the game.

The Ghost lacing system on the Nike Phantom VSN allows for a custom fit and improved precision and control. The upper is constructed with mesh and internal cleats for comfort and support. The cleats are also enhanced with a new traction pattern. The Nike PhantomVSN is also weatherproof and lightweight.

Another unique feature of the Nike PhantomVSN is the soleplate. It is much more aggressive than the Magista, making faster and sharper turns. Its soleplate also feels more like the Hypervenom, making it ideal for players who prefer to attack midfield. While the PhantomVSN may not be the best choice for players playing on artificial surfaces, it is still one of the best options for players who want a high-speed shoe.

The Nike PhantomVSN is the perfect choice for a playmaker. It is made for players who focus on controlling the game and using their instinct, vision, and precision. It is also an excellent choice for other positions.

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Nike Phantom VSN Soccer Cleats
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