PUMA Netfit Sneakers

The Puma Netfit is a knit upper running shoe with lace holes for a custom fit. The lace hole coverage has been refined to the right places, allowing maximum fit customization. There are fewer lace holes than in the previous generation, and they only appear where they’re needed.

PUMA Future’s layered upper

The PUMA Future is a high-performance soccer boot. Its upper is made of a layered design that looks and feels like a stretched fingerprint. Its raised ridges provide a firm feel, and the upper structure results from a close collaboration between Puma. The rest of the boot is made of primarily unexposed EvoKnit.

The upper is designed to allow for a wide variety of movements. The PUMA Future is an excellent option for a variety of sports. Its layered upper gives you better control of the pitch. The brand also offers backpacks, balls, gloves, and more to keep everything you need in one place.

Another unique feature of the PUMA Future is the adaptive FUZIONFIT+ compression band. This band sits across the midfoot and is designed to support the dynamic movements of today’s most talented players. In addition, it provides excellent lockdown and support for explosive movements.

The PUMA Future’s layered upper allows for a custom fit, which makes it great for players who want a unique look. This technology was initially created for running but has been incorporated into the FUTURE’s upper for an aggressive, customized look. These boots also feature a soft faux-fur tongue.

While the PUMA Future has a unique look, it’s still a good running shoe for everyday use. It has a great shape and a great feel. But it would help if you were sure to try it on before buying it. This will help you make the best choice.

Flexible textile upper

The Puma 18.1 Firm Ground Netfit features the company’s innovative Netfit technology, a knitted mesh construction with hexagon-shaped holes that provides a snug, locked-in feel. This shoe’s unique design allows players to customize the lacing to provide a customized fit.

This technology is a new addition to Puma’s Netfit line, making the shoes more flexible and comfortable. The future 2.1 Netfit has a softer textile upper than the original Future 18.1 model, but it still uses the same NETFIT lacing system. This feature allows for customized lacing options, giving you more flexibility.

The Puma FUTURE 2.1 Netfit has the same futuristic design as the original Future 18.1 but adds a few upgrades to improve comfort. The new upper features more inner heel padding and removes a fused-on top layer, which reduces the softness of the 18.1’s upper. This new model also features a colorway called the “Illuminate Pack.”

The Puma Future Netfit Next football boots feature a green and white upper, a shimmering iridescent outsole, and a yellow Formstripe. The Puma Future 18.1 Netfit On/Off football boots are made with the Puma Netfit lacing system, which provides infinite lacing options. They also have a knitted heightened ankle sock and Pebax outsoles with conical and bladed studs.

The FUTURE is an excellent option for soccer players. This shoe incorporates NETFIT technology, which was initially designed for running. The futuristic design and lacing system make it a popular choice. PUMA’s FUTURE was first revealed at the tail end of 2017 in a black/white/shock-orange colorway but now is available in all-black and with colorful laces. The FUTURE has an aggressive, unique look that makes it an excellent fit for today’s top soccer players.


The Puma Netfit V2 is a versatile, sporty, and comfortable sneaker for both men and women. It is made of mesh and knit with a unique lacing system. The shoe also features a Netfit detail on the upper and mesh outsole. This is the first shoe from Puma to incorporate such a design.

This sneaker comes in Luminous Blue, Black, and Pink Alert color options. It features a lightweight, adaptive NETFIT lacing system and a one-piece upper. These cleats deliver superior grip and multidirectional movement. The NETFIT technology helps players with their pace and foot movements.

The Puma Netfit V2 also has mesh-anchored laces. These laces can be adjusted depending on the wearer’s foot size. They come in sizes two to thirteen. Personalization is available for PS10 per pair. The Puma Tsugi Netfit Version 2 is designed for both men and women and is available in both men’s and women’s models.

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PUMA Netfit Sneakers
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