Adidas Copa Sense 1 Football Shoe Review

If you want to buy the best football boots on the market, you can consider the Adidas Copa Sense.1. This is a good choice for wide feet, but it may not be ideal for those with flat feet. Another excellent football boot by Adidas is the Predator Pulse. This shoe combines leather and synthetic materials in the upper, allowing the player to feel the ball perfectly. This gives players more control and confidence.

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The Adidas Copa Sense.1 is a hybrid soccer boot designed to play on natural and artificial grass. It features a premium K-leather upper with Fusionskin tech for improved breathability and less water intake. This boot also comes with innovative Sensepods and Touchpads that help keep your foot in place while you play.

This soccer boot features a molded sock liner and a pair of molded Sensepods in the heels for an ultra-locked-in fit. It also features Touchpads to help absorb shocks when you’re playing. These features make the Adidas Copa Sense.1 AG is an excellent choice for players looking for a high-quality football cleat.

The wavy upper and a combination of K-leather and Adidas FusionSkin make this cleat feel soft and flexible. The shoe also has an additional feature, smooth compound studs that target the most crucial areas of your foot. The cleats will keep you in place even in the most challenging conditions.


The Adidas Copa Sense1 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe is a radically redesigned cleat with an ultra-soft touch that is both supportive and comfortable. Made from synthetic and leather materials, the upper is molded to your foot’s specific contours, giving you a perfect feel and better ball control.

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The boot is made with a leather upper and features anatomically-placed foam elements in the heel and medial side of the foot. The boot also features TOUCHPODS, which absorb impact energy from the ball. And thanks to a softer compound in the medial studs, the Sense cleats are incredibly flexible, making it easier for players to move their feet without a clunky feel.

The Copa Sense.1 is made of synthetic and leather materials, making it a more affordable option. Its materials are also more sustainable than most boots. The shoe is manufactured using a blend of recycled materials, reducing natural resources and providing a more comfortable feel. This makes it the ideal choice for environmentally conscious individuals and those who care about their footwear.

The shoe has a thin tongue and a narrow midfoot. To fit it properly, it is necessary to loosen the laces. The TOUCHPODS (thick foam pieces) on the top of the shoe will quickly soften after a few minutes of use. Upon wearing the shoe, you’ll notice that the upper feels like thin, dense foam, much like the inner foam lining of a motorcycle helmet.


The Adidas Copa Sense is a firm ground football boot with a soft leather upper and a soft foam Sensepod. This feature helps the player stay at one with the soft K-leather upper while playing on firm ground. The shoe also features Softstuds and Touchpads for cushioning and traction.

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The new Copa Sense is an improved version of the original, and it features a soft K-leather upper and a more peaceful stud design. It features foam pods at the heel, instep, and outstep, providing comfort and a perfect fit. It also features a hyper-anatomical fit for a pure first touch.

The firm ground version is built for players with narrow feet. The upper is made of a combination of leather and synthetic materials. It allows players to feel the ball perfectly, boosting their confidence and control. The Sensepods in the heel deliver a locked-in fit and absorb shock.


The Adidas Copa Sense.1 is a high-performance leather boot for high-speed, on-field performance. While the Predator is synonymous with raking balls, the Copa Sense excels at passing and returning passes. It is an excellent shoe for various players in all positions, but especially for those looking for reliability.

The upper of the shoe is made of a combination of synthetic and leather materials. This helps the player feel the ball perfectly. It also adds to his confidence level and improves his control. The breathable mesh lining also allows the player to move more freely. The Adidas Copa Sense FG soccer cleat is a good choice for players with narrow feet or looking for a more stable soccer shoe.

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The Adidas Copa Sense is a new soccer boot that combines traditional styling with cutting-edge performance. It comes in a Black/Gold colorway and uses anatomical insights to craft a shoe with superior touch and feel. The shoe is also loaded with advanced technologies for excellent ball control and traction.

This boot was developed with Gen Z customers in mind, as its design features minimal use of leather. It is the perfect shoe for young people who are used to synthetic boots. Since it has minimal leather, the shoe is more breathable and lightweight. It also features a leather-free lining for added breathability and durability.

Unlike the old Copa, this soccer boot is now lace-less, with a new shape, soleplate, and tech to enhance your performance. The lace-less feature allows you to adjust the fit of the boot. It is an excellent option for those with narrow to moderate feet, but those with wide feet should probably go for the Predator.

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Adidas Copa Sense 1 Football Shoe Review
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