Syngenta, ChemChina Close to Buy Syngenta

Platinum is a highly toxic substance for bees. Therefore, it is essential to avoid using this chemical near plants in bloom or areas where bees forage. Platinum should also not be applied to blooming flowers or allowed to drift onto them. For these reasons, farmers must follow specific application protocols and avoid contaminating blooming plants with platinum.

Syngenta agronomy

Syngenta Crop Protection Canada has announced a $50,000 contribution toward developing a world-class, multi-user pulse crop field research facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The new facility will be a 14,000-square-foot addition to the University of Saskatchewan’s Crop Science Field Laboratory. The current facility was built in 1971 when the pulse industry was in its infancy. The new facility will increase the capacity and efficiency for pulse breeding, physiology, and agronomy research.

Syngenta Crop Protection is a world leader in crop protection. Its broad range of products, technologies, and services helps farmers protect crops from weeds, insects, disease, droughts, and heat. The company’s research and development efforts are driven by scientific insights from working with farmers in the field.

Syngenta agrochemicals

China’s state-owned ChemChina is close to a deal to purchase Syngenta, a Swiss seeds and pesticides company. The value would be the largest ever involving a Chinese buyer. It would be worth $42.2 billion, or 470 Swiss francs per share. A deal is expected to be announced on Wednesday. Sources say minor price adjustments could still be worked out.

Syngenta is committed to improving the environment and the lives of farmers. The company has worked with farmers for over 55 years and strives to improve soil health, farmer income, and labor practices. The company’s “Thrive” website offers daily farming news, a farmers’ blog, and tips on how to grow better crops.

Syngenta’s portfolio of agricultural products includes herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, and biofuels. Its brands include Actara (Thiamethoxam), Bicep II, Callisto, Cruiser (TMX), Fusilade, Gramoxone, and Rogers.

Platinum 75SG is a new insecticide from Syngenta Crop Protection. It controls more than 30 chewing and sucking pests while minimizing the impact on beneficial insects. Its improved formulation and broad crop label will benefit growers, and the company is constantly improving and advancing its existing products.

The company has faced numerous lawsuits for selling a GMO trait in corn seed without the necessary approval from the Chinese government. The company has had to cancel several exports to China because the country’s government did not approve of the quality. The lawsuits have caused the company to lose millions of dollars.

Syngenta AgroSciences

Syngenta is an agricultural science company that produces pesticides, seeds, and biofuels. Its management headquarters are in Basel, Switzerland. Its products are used in agriculture around the world. Syngenta also provides educational resources for farmers and consumers alike. Its websites feature articles on crop management, agronomic insights, and the latest news from the field. The company also provides links to local extension offices and product labels.

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Syngenta, ChemChina Close to Buy Syngenta
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