Adidas Predator Mutator Review

The Adidas Predator Mutator is a running shoe with various features. These include a Demonskin upper and Lethal Zones. This shoe is designed for durability and grip. It also has a unique spike design patterned after the scales of the Komodo dragon.

Demon Skin upper

The new Predator 20 Mutator comes with DEMONSKIN technology that improves the grip and spin of the ball. This revolutionary new layer has been designed through computer algorithms and data-driven research. The four hundred and six strategically placed spikes align to crucial contact points with the ball and are designed to provide increased control and spin during the strike.

This soccer cleat is made from the Demonskin upper, which pokes rubber spines into the upper to provide a superior spin on the ball and total control on the field. Its lace-less mid-cut construction and knit textile upper give it a sharp silhouette. Despite its aggressive look, this cleat’s 360-degree wrapped construction blurs the lines between the outsole and the upper for maximum traction on firm natural surfaces.

Adidas introduced its new Predator Mutator 20.1 SG last week, and the Demonskin upper was one of the highlights. This new upper features a new sleeve-like pattern with a contrasting color. This gives the Predator Mutator a more streamlined look that adds to its athletic appeal.

Adidas has always aimed to innovate, and the Predator Mutator 20 is no exception. The shoe’s innovative features include a 360-degree design and a new plate configuration that reduces weight. In addition, the boot has hybrid studs that improve rotation and traction.

The Adidas Predator 20 Mutator is the next generation of Predator soccer cleats. Its unique Demonskin technology brings back the feral look of the original Predator boots and is ergonomically mapped. This design also features a dual-tab system for improved fit. The high-top collar gives a secure fit and offers added stability through the midsole.

Lethal Zones

The Predator LZ combines the best of the original Predator with Adidas miCoach technology for a new football boot. Originally known as the D5, the Predator LZ features the five legendary “lethal zones” and synthetic leather upper with miCoach capabilities. The predator LZ has a stud configuration and SprintFrame, which makes it lightweight.

The upper of the Predator LZ features five distinct zones that help players excel in various situations. These zones are strategically placed to enhance players’ power, control, and spin. They also feature Adidas technology, including rubber vamps. This change was made after a study by Loughborough University found that rubber vamps improve power transfer and control while on the pitch.

The new Predator Lethal Zones soccer boot provides increased ball control. It features five zones with different surfaces to help players differentiate between shots and passes. The upper material mimics natural leather to mimic its feel. The three-D printed upper offers increased comfort and enhanced ball control.

Despite the increased weight, the Predator X has the same solid fundamentals as the Predator. However, the Predator X features a new “predator strike zone” and an enhanced dotted rubber panel on the Predator’s forefoot to improve swerve-on shots. Additionally, the new boot uses Taurus leather, which is much sturdier than K-Leather.


The Adidas Predator Mutator is an excellent choice for players who need a comfortable, secure fit. This boot features an improved fit, and its unique Predator technology gives the player a better touch on the ball. The upper of the shoe is thin and molds to the foot, making it less warm to wear. In addition, the boots feature strategically placed 406 spikes for speed absorption and extra power.

The Predator is available in several different models. For example, you can choose a version with a lower-cut collar or one with laces. The Predator boot also offers unique technology across the forefoot to improve traction and stability. This model is available at WorldSoccerShop.

The upper part of the Predator Mutator boots is made from a synthetic material that feels incredibly soft and is virtually unnoticeable. The upper is also more supportive than the Predator 20+. The upper portion of the shoe is cut lower than the previous edition, which gives the wearer more comfort and a more secure fit. The upper is also designed to be comfortable and easy to slip on.

Another great feature of the Adidas Predator Mutator 20.1 SG is its Demonskin technology, which provides a superior grip. It also features rubber spines that grip the ball and offer unparalleled swerve. The Private is an excellent shoe for players who want to make the most of their game.

The Predator has a long history of giving wearers an edge. It was first released in 1994 in a black-and-white colorway with Johnston Rubber elements on the toe and upper.


The Adidas Predator Mutator combines technology and tradition. Initially introduced with the tagline “100% Legal, 0% Fair,” the Mutator builds on the legacy of its predecessors while adding game-changing technologies. The laceless Primeknit upper and 406 Demonskin rubber spikes combine to promote close control and enhanced spin.

Predator technology was created for players who wanted a sneaker that would allow them to maximize their influence on the ball. The Mutator was the first football boot to feature this feature. Despite the Mutator’s unique design, it does not compromise on durability. This feature makes it a popular choice among both laced and unlaced players.

The Predator’s construction has undergone several changes throughout the years. Initially, it featured a laceless upper used for several years. Later, the brand added a synthetic upper. The boot also featured a CONTROLSKIN layer, which is ideal for controlling the ball. The boot was popular among soccer players, including Paul Pogba, Mesut Ozil, Dele Alli, and Ivan Rakitic.

The Predator X has recently been released in new colorways. Winter 2010-11 is available in white/blue and electricity/black/poppy. It is also available in personalized versions for players such as David Beckham and Steven Gerrard. The personalized edition of the Predator has a wide last and is available in three colorways.

The Predator Mutator 20 FG is an excellent choice for players who play hard ground. Its 7×4 stud configuration provides multidirectional traction. The upper is also designed with Demonskin and rubber elements for extreme swerve. The upper wraps the foot 360 degrees, and the mid-cut supports the ankle. Finally, the FG has a split outsole, which dominates on firm ground.


The Adidas Predator Mutator is an evolution of the original Predator. Featuring a knit textile upper with rubber spines for grip and swerve, the Mutator is an excellent option for players who want an incredibly fast soccer cleat. It also features a split outsole and an extended Sockfit collar that provides incredible lockdown, mainly on firm ground.

This soccer boot is designed with an aggressive and modern look. It features a unique upper made of Demonskin, a raised material embedded into the Primeknit upper. The 406 spikes give you total ball control, while a tongue-less textile construction provides a sock-like fit.

The Predator was first introduced in 1994. The latest version, the Predator 20, was released in early 2020. It uses a rubberized Demonskin material with 406 rubber spikes and a high collar. It also features a ControlFrame split soleplate that harkens to the original Predator. This helps the shoe fit perfectly and provides added stability to the midsole.

The Adidas Predator is one of the most iconic soccer cleats. This cleat is perfect for players who want control, swerve, and grip. It is also made from leather and rubber materials. The laceless Predator 18+ is an excellent choice for those who wish for a laceless soccer cleat.

The Adidas Predator was first introduced in 1994 and was released in a variety of different styles. The original model was a sock-like upper, but the new design now features an upper with two pieces that give the wearer added ankle support and stability. The collar is also shaped in a high heel for added ankle support. The sole plate also has the same visual effect. The Predator is sold for 280 Euros, but it’s possible to find it for more than two hundred Euros.

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Adidas Predator Mutator Review
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