Nike Superfly 6 Pro FG Review

The Nike Superfly 6 Pro FG features a micro-textured upper that wraps around your foot for a second-skin-like fit. The upper also features a 2-part podular plate system, chevron studs, and a responsive traction system. In addition, it also boasts a premium synthetic and fabric upper for maximum comfort.

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Just Do It Pack

The Superfly 6 is a high-tech soccer cleat that allows you to play under the spotlight. This model features pearly white and pearl metallic details that make your feet shine. The design is sleek and simple but packed with great information. It’s one of Nike’s most famous soccer cleats.

MG Multi-Ground sole plate

The Multi-ground sole plate on the Nike Superfly 6 Academy provides excellent traction on various outdoor surfaces. This hybrid soleplate combines conical and bladed studs to offer a better grip on turf, grass, and mud. In addition to providing excellent traction, the Multi-ground sole plate also helps reduce the risk of knee injuries.

The Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Academy Multi-Ground is the second takedown model in the Superfly silo for 2018. It replaces the Superfly Victory 60 and utilizes a one-piece upper construction that wraps around the foot. The low-profile Dynamic Fit collar integrates seamlessly with the lower leg. The Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Multi-Ground cleats also have a split-sole outsole for optimal traction on firm and soft surfaces.

The Nike Superfly 6 MG Multi-Grounded Football Boot is made of synthetic material and features a low-profile Dynamic Fit collar. It has a sculpted arch that enhances precision touch during fast action. The boot also features an internal last and a high-quality outsole wrap for durability.

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The Trek Superfly 6 price is not outrageously high and is comparable to its competitors in terms of performance. The bike is more accessible to ride uphill than other identical bikes and has a similar geared ratio for downhill riding. The Superfly range was revamped in 2014 and includes carbon and alloy bikes. The company’s philosophy is to trickle technology from its high-end models down to its lower-priced counterparts. Trek’s new geometry-based design is based on measurements of actual bikes, so it is a good match for riders who want a fast, comfortable bike for a reasonable price.

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Nike Superfly 6 Pro FG Review
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