Nike Mercurial Superfly SG Pro Pink Volt/Hyper Pink Highlight Pack

Nike has released the Volt/Hyper Pink colorway of its Mercurial Superfly SG-Pro soccer boot. This is one of the Highlight Pack colorways and a unique color combination. Despite its unique color combination, the boot is identical to the firm ground boot in all capacities, including stud configuration.

Carbon fiber sole

The new carbon fiber soleplate of the Nike Mercurial Superfly SG Pro Pink has a more natural running feel than previous iterations. While maintaining the low profile feel and flexibility through the midfoot and toe area, the soleplate is also responsive so that it won’t need a lengthy break-in period.

This version of the Superfly IV has a Carbon Fibre sole and Wolf Grey upper. It comes with a boot bag and stud key. It weighs just over eight ounces (230 g). The SG-Pro is designed to provide excellent ball control.

The fit is a little tighter than a typical Mercurial, but it remains true to size. It may not fit snugly, but it will work like a high-end Mercurial. You might want to buy a size larger than usual if you have wide feet.

A lightweight, sock-like fit is another benefit of the Mercurial Superfly. It features a two-layer carbon fiber sole that flexes with your foot. The combination of a lightweight mesh upper and lightweight carbon fiber sole is designed to give your foot the best possible grip on the ball.

Another benefit of the Superfly 4 is the seamless upper design. This upper provides slight padding between the foot and the ball. This material is similar to the NikeSkin upper on the Hypervenom Phantom. It’s easy to wear and feels good.

The Mercurial Vapor II was released in January 2004. Its launch advertisement featured Cristiano Ronaldo wearing a photo blue version, while Thierry Henry debuted the red version during Arsenal’s 5-1 win over Internazionale in Milan. In that game, he scored two goals with his new boot.

This new model also has a full carbon fiber soleplate that helps lower the center of gravity of the boot. It also features a flexible dual-layer construction that transmits more power to the ground. The new Superfly is also equipped with dual-set aluminum studs that deliver traction and control, even on soft surfaces.

In addition to the updated design, the boot is also updated with Nike Sense studs, which change their size based on pressure, weight, and surface conditions. The pink version also features a lightweight carbon fiber soleplate and a lateral support structure for the ankle.


The new Nike Mercurial Superfly IV is available now and comes with a mid-cut design. The shoe is also made with NIKESKIN to provide extra traction on wet surfaces. This colorway has several improvements, including an upgraded stud pattern, which delivers better traction and a more lock-down effect.

Another upgrade is the Nike Mercurial traction system, which now features more blades for quick penetration and release. The new traction system includes two edges on the heel and one extra knife on the forefoot. Cristiano Ronaldo requested these changes, and they were included in the shoe. The new traction system also features Brio-cables, which are knitted into the boot’s upper and locked into the outsole. These cables act like slingshots, adding additional stability and support to lateral movements.

Nike has improved the Superfly’s stability by adding a supportive sensation without restricting the upper’s flexibility. Unlike previous Superfly models, which featured a flimsy upper, the Superfly 4’s upper is responsive and supportive. The boot features a support cage built into the heel and upper, ensuring that the upper is stable and responsive.

Besides the SG-Pro, Nike’s new Superfly 4 football boot also introduced Nike Flyknit, a material that allows players to move their feet freely. The boot also features Nike’s Sense studs, which expand or retract based on pressure, weight, and surface condition. The Superfly four was launched on April 25, 2014, and featured the colors Urban Lilac, Hyper Pink, and Bright Crimson. Another exciting release of the Superfly 4 was the Chapters pack, which featured three colors from the World Cup: Urban Lilac, Hyper Pink, and Bright crimson.

Besides being the most innovative boot ever designed, the Nike Mercurial Superfly was also the most expensive. However, the initial colorway of the boot was recalled because of issues with upper adhesion. As a result, the brand decided to redesign the boot and its soleplate. Moreover, Superfly was given a new look with a brand-new logo.

This cleat was designed to provide superior speed and agility. Its lightweight design helped it to reduce weight while maintaining a tight fit. It also improved the comfort level.

SG studs

The Nike Mercurial Superfly SG shoes are one of the best-selling shoes for women in the world. They have a combination of metal and plastic molded studs and are ideally suited to soft ground play. Fortunately, two sets of studs are included with each pair.

Nike has also released a stud version of the Mercurial Superfly SG Pro, available in Volt/Hyper Pink. The studs were inspired by cheetahs and are arranged lengthways along the shoe. The studs have been placed in a pattern that mimics a cheetah’s pawprints for extra traction. The shoe’s design hasn’t changed much, except for the color scheme, but Nike did improve the plate to make it more stable. The results are apparent: the shoe is a huge hit with players worldwide.

The Nike Mercurial Superfly SG-Pro is specially made for natural grass surfaces. It cannot be used on hard ground, including artificial grass, because the studs won’t be able to provide the grip needed. This can cause the boot to wear out and become useless quickly.

Another great feature of the Superfly is its carbon fiber sole. The sole is made from two-layer carbon fiber and follows the foot’s natural flex. The Superfly’s bladed studs are a staple of the Mercurial series and help accelerate. The Superfly’s bladed design also allows aggressive direction changes. It adds explosive speed in all directions.

The Nike Mercurial Superfly is built with similar technologies to a Formula 1 car. Its upper is made of Flyknit material, also used on the Magista Obra. The Flyknit upper provides a sock-like fit and features an integrated tongue. This critical feature enables players to keep their feet in the correct position. The Flyknit studs also feature a textured 3D leather tongue, which increases the friction between the boot and the ball. This allows for better control and acceleration during sprints.

SG studs on the Nike mercurial superfly sg pro pink

The Nike mercurial superfly SG pro pink volleyball boots are designed with a stud pattern slightly different from the standard six-stud soft ground pattern. The studs on this shoe are shaped like blades and are conical rather than flat. The SG studs on this shoe give you a better touch on a soft surface.

There are three color options to choose from for this Nike soccer boot. The Volt/Hyper Pink colorway is one of the Highlight Pack colorways. Although this colorway is slightly different from the others, it’s still an excellent color combination. The Nike mercurial superfly SG Pro pink is the same boot as the firm ground version except for the stud configuration. The soleplate is made from fiberglass, so the sole will stay in place even on uneven surfaces.

This shoe is a lightweight, traction-rich, and control-oriented shoe. It has a low-profile contoured sock liner that provides low-profile cushioning and reduces stud pressure. The upper also has an anti-skid top cloth that grip the foot and adds more traction.

The Mercurial Superfly is a high-cut version of the Mercurial. The shoe’s molded synthetic upper has a textured pattern to help improve ball control and comfort. The stretchy ankle collar helps keep the shoe in place. And the screw-in metal studs on the Mercurial Superfly SG Pro Pink are designed to help you control the ball even on muddy surfaces.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor is the fifth version of the Mercurial line. It’s the first version to feature Nike’s Flywire technology. It was first released in a blue/black version and later came in silver/blue/yellow and black/red. Cristiano Ronaldo, Robinho, and Mesut Ozil were the first players to debut the shoe.

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Nike Mercurial Superfly SG Pro Pink Volt/Hyper Pink Highlight Pack
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