Nike Vapor 14 Review

If you want a new soccer ball, you should consider the Nike Vapor 14. This football boot offers a host of advantages and features for players. Whether playing in a rainy or dry environment, this boot will help you feel confident and comfortable on the pitch.

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Vaporposite upper

The upper on the Nike Vapor 14 is made of synthetic and a soft Avail Q microfibre, which gives the shoe a smooth and supple feel. Its premium “Avail Q” lining adds even more grip and structural support. The shoe also features a full-length Nike ACC, which provides stability and traction.

As with the previous models, the Vapor 14 soccer cleat lacks the form-fitting Flyknit collar, but it has a thin Vaporposite upper reinforced at the heel. This allows for a secure lockdown while running at full speed. However, the shoe’s upper is not exceptionally durable and cannot provide the same level of protection as the Flyknit collar.

The Vapor 14 Elite is an excellent choice for soccer players looking for a boot with high support and traction. Though the upper feels slightly rigid in the initial stages, it will break in and feel comfortable after repeated use. The Vaporposite upper on the Vapor 14 Elite is relaxed but unsuitable for playing on artificial grass. However, it does provide good support and provides elegant foot movement.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite FG has a different upper design. It features a vaporposite upper that combines premium lining with a mesh material. It also features an improved textured surface that allows maximum control and ball spin.

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The Vapor 14 and Superfly 8 feature a multi-layered synthetic upper. The Vaporposite fabric is lightweight on foot, while the Avail Q liner gives comfort and softness. The Titan synthetic overlay adds structure and lockdown around the forefoot, while a translucent engineered mesh wraps the Titan synthetic layer for additional support. The responsiveness of these shoes is also enhanced with an Aerotrak soleplate.

The Vapor 15 offers a superior underfoot sensation. The outsole is thinner and lighter than the Vapor 14’s, which gives it a better boost in energy return and snapping. Its upper is also made of Flyknit, which feels more luxurious.

Mercurial Vapor traction

The Mercurial Vapor is a soccer shoe made by Nike. It is a lightweight soccer shoe that is very similar to the Superfly. The shoe is made from light and durable synthetic material and is available in different colorways. The Vapor is a hybrid shoe that combines both cushioning and traction in one shoe. The Vapor’s traction system is based on a unique pattern embossed and debossed on the soleplate.

The Mercurial Vapor is a top-of-the-line model from Nike. It is one of the most famous soccer boots on the market and helped pioneer the speed category. It is also a favorite among European stars such as Eling Haaland and Robert Lewandowski. The Vapor is a high-performance soccer shoe with various mechanisms and top-level construction. This soccer shoe is designed to appeal to casual and professional players.

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This soccer shoe is also highly responsive. Its Flyknit material provides a comfortable feel while enabling a firm grip. Its innovative design allows athletes to control the ball with more speed and agility. A new supportive spine joins the forefoot and heel of the shoe, creating more rigidity. As a result, players constantly do not need to move or stop mid-air.

Unlike many other speed boots, the Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite is very lightweight, weighing just 230 grams for a size US, EU, or the UK. Its upper is made of high-quality materials and has excellent structure and a good weight-to-price ratio.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor Elite and Nike Mercurial Vapor Pro are similar. These soccer boots are padded and comfortable but do not offer the best ventilation. The Mercurial Vapor Elite does not overheat or perform poorly in bad weather. The Mercurial Vapor 14 Academy and Club both have decent traction and bite. These soccer boots are also comfortable and provide good performance.

In addition to these features, the Nike Vapor features Dynamic Fit collars that support the ankles and make them comfortable. The Dynamic Fit collar is found on both the Vapor and Superfly models. The Vapor has a lower cut around the ankle than the Superfly.

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The Nike Vapor 14 Feel is designed with traction in mind. Its molded synthetic upper is textured to improve ball control when dribbling at high speeds. It also features Nike’s new aerotrak zone and chevrons for multidirectional traction. It also features a comfortable lining to wrap the foot.

It mimics the feel of Nike’s Mercurials. Its thin Vaporposite material provides a pingy sense when it makes contact with the ball. The material also becomes softer during a break-in. It also features an Avail Q microfibre lining for added comfort.

This model was released in two colorways, New Lights and Future Lab. The New Lights colorway has a light blue base color with white accents. The Future Lab colorway is a crimson-based chroma. The Daybreak colorway is a vibrant color popular with Nike-contracted athletes. Besides the Vapor 14 Feel, there’s also the Future DNA Vapor 13. It features an orange and silver Superfly 1 colorway.

The soleplate of the Nike vapor 14 Feel is built with chevron studs. Its shape emphasizes multidirectional speed and agility. The upper material uses Vaporposite, which has the same lockdown characteristics as previous Mercurials. While Flyknit is only present in the tongue and lace area, it adds comfort to the upper.

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The Dynamic Fit collar is supposed to give the ankle extra support, but it does not make a big difference. It is comfortable but does not provide any difference in comfort or performance. The Dynamic Fit collar alone does not justify the PS10 price increase. It does provide some support for the ankle, but it is not enough to explain the extra PS10.


If you are looking for a great soccer cleat for the price, the Nike Vapor 14 is a great option. These cleats are lightweight and feature specialized components to provide the ultimate performance. A soft cushioned insole offers superior comfort and support, and the cleats also feature a solid grippy soleplate for maximum traction.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite is a cleat designed to be lightweight and durable but still allow the player to play lights out for 90 minutes. It features a stripped-down Flyknit upper to reduce weight and a new Speed Band around the forefoot for added stability. It also features Nike’s All Conditions Control technology and NikeSkin technology to enhance comfort.

The Nike Vapor 14 Elite AG is an advanced soccer cleat that offers a one-to-one fit that ensures the player makes accurate contact with the ball. It also provides sensational acceleration in every direction. Its lightweight construction offers maximum comfort and free ventilation. It is ideal for play during all seasons.

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Nike Vapor 14 Review
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