The Nike Phantom Dynamic Soccer Cleat

The Nike Phantom Dynamic is a soccer cleat designed to provide the player with a comfortable and secure fit. It features a synthetic leather upper, cushioned insoles, an off-center lacing system, enlarged sweet spots, and a custom fit. It is made with premium materials and is built to withstand long game hours.

Generative Texture pattern

The Generative Texture pattern on the Nike Phantom Dynamic Soccer Boot combines innovative design and technology to give players ultimate control. This textured upper features raised zones to provide optimal spin and control of ball flight, while an off-center lacing pattern enables a clean strike zone. The shoe also features Nike’s All Conditions Control, a new soleplate with an improved grip that works even in wet conditions.

The new Generative Texture pattern on the Nike Phantom Dynamic Football Boot is made with the latest data-driven technology. Researchers at Nike Sport Research Lab analyzed the ball’s movements and pressure points to develop this new textured upper. These data points created a new pattern with varying heights and practices enhancing ball control.

The Generative Texture pattern enhances touch and control on any surface. The Generative Texture is also featured on the upper of the Elite model. It features a chevron-like design and provides improved grip and spin.

The Generative Texture pattern on the Nike Phantom Dynamic Soccer Shoe features a unique design inspired by shockwaves. The shoe’s upper is made of a high-friction microfiber synthetic shell for improved ball control and stability. It also features an asymmetrical lace closure for maximum control over the forefoot. The synthetic leather upper is also durable and easy to maintain.

Dynamic Traction

The new Nike Phantom Dynamic Traction soccer shoe is a great choice for players who need to be versatile yet have an excellent grip on the ball. The shoe features Nike’s Flyknit upper with blade-like nubs for increased ball handling and touch. It also comes with a Dynamic Fit collar that fits snugly around the ankle and helps prevent slippage. This version of the Phantom replaces the older Phantom VNM and VSN models.

Its specialized traction and grippy texture allow for a quick and accurate attack. The upper portion of the shoe has a stretchy collar for added comfort, and the stud configuration has been redesigned for increased durability and traction. It also has a new and improved NikeSkin overlay for enhanced comfort and fit. This shoe is also designed for players who want a more natural feel than any other soccer cleat on the market.

The Nike Phantom Dynamic Traction has been developed with the input of the Nike Sport Research Lab, which has analyzed the ball-to-boot connection. Using this information, the designers have developed an advanced traction system that makes the ball more responsive. The traction technology on the Phantom GT helps players stay on the ball while dribbling and shooting.

Quick Changes in Latitudinal Direction

The Nike Phantom Dynamic Quick Changes in Latitude Direction boot offers one speed, traction, and agility package. Its generative chassis and specialized traction on the bottom offer superior quick changes in direction and planting power. The boot also features split conical studs for shortcuts and wide-rotated chevrons for improved traction.

Optimum Ball Control

The Nike Phantom Dynamic Optimum Ball Controller offers exceptional touch and ball control. Its raised patterning is designed to create maximum spin and supreme ball control, and its off-center lacing system helps to create a cleaner strike zone. It’s also coated with Nike’s All Conditions Control for neat touches regardless of the weather. The Phantom features a Generative Texture, which enhances control and close control.

Nike researchers have studied pressure points in the foot during passing, dribbling, and shooting. They have created a new pattern with grippy materials that help athletes get maximum ball control. These new cleats also feature a Dynamic Fit collar that helps prevent slippage and ensures maximum comfort.

The Phantom GT also features a new soleplate designed for quick changes in the lateral direction, known as the Hyperquick System. This soleplate is designed for attacking players who want to keep the ball under control while making quick, accurate passes. This soleplate also has an open arch chassis, making it easier to make clean contact with the ball when passing.

Those looking for a value-priced alternative to the Nike Phantom Dynamic Optimum Ball Controller will be interested in the new design. The upper is no longer made from Flynit but has a synthetic textured fabric that increases durability and ball control. Moreover, the Ghost Lace is still there to provide a secure fit, and the Dynamic Fit collar keeps the ankles in place.

Soleplate for quick changes in the lateral direction

The Nike Phantom GT2 FG/FG offers powerful precision with raised patterning that helps create optimal spin and control the ball’s flight. This model also features Nike’s Generative Texture, developed based on athlete testing and varies in thickness across the upper to provide a more precise touch. The upper is trimmed with a breathable Flyknit material. There is also an overlay of NikeSkin that provides flexibility and durability. The off-center lacing helps create a clean strike zone, and a redesigned soleplate facilitates quick changes in the lateral direction.

The soleplate for quick changes in the lateral direction of the Nike Phantom Dynamic was developed by studying pressure points that athletes place on the ball while dribbling, shooting, and passing. This stud design is used throughout the boot for increased ball control and is available on Elite Phantom GT models. The Elite Phantom GT is slightly grippier than its lower tiers and is enhanced by an All Conditions Control (ACC) coating.

The Nike Phantom GT’s soleplate features the Hyperquick System, designed for players who need to change direction quickly. This soleplate has a tuned chassis and an open arch plate, which provides clean contact when passing the ball. This system is handy for attacking players, enabling them to change direction quickly.

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The Nike Phantom Dynamic Soccer Cleat
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