New Releases of the Future Z 11 Running Shoe

Future Z 11 is a fusion of futuristic design and high-performance running shoes. Designed with flexibility in mind, it is built around Fuzionfit + band that wraps around your foot. The streamlined silhouette gives you the ability to run and jump with ease. In addition to the Fuzionfit + bar, Future Z features strategically positioned tacos and a flexible subjection.

Future Z 1.1

The Ultra 1.3 is back, and PUMA has unveiled the Future Z 1.2 in the famous Bluemazing/Sunblaze/Surf the Web colorway. This is the latest PUMA running shoe and comes in both Unisex and Women’s specific fit options.

The Future Z 1.1 is a high-performance running shoe built for dynamic players. It features a FUZIONFIT+ compression band, which provides lockdown and enhanced agility. The asymmetric Dynamic Motion System outsole also has unique, shaped studs to support super-fast direction changes. The GripControl Pro texturing enhances agility as well.

The PUMA Future Z 1.1’s price is affordable for anyone looking to upgrade from a previous model. It costs just under 200 EUR, which isn’t cheap, but it’s significantly less expensive than other high-end running shoes. Compared to its German rivals, it’s comparable in quality to Nike and Adidas models.

Future Z 1.2

The PUMA Future Z 1.2 has been released and features a new colorway called the Bluemazing/Sunblaze/Surf the Web. As the name suggests, it features a blue metallic base with red and white accents. This colorway is the opposite of the Ultra 1.3, which is mainly black and has red accents.

The FUTURE Z 1.2 is engineered without compromising on performance and durability. Its upper was designed with zoned patterns that increase ball grip and power. This allows FUTURE Z 1.2 to tackle a variety of on-pitch challenges. It also has an innovative PUMA Dynamic Motion System soleplate for improved strike power.

The upper part is made from an innovative knitted material and is coated in GripControl Pro. This provides a unique touch while kicking the ball. Retailing for R3599, the Future Z 1.2 is available through select retailers. The boot is made for special nights. Floodlights inspire the colorway of the upper against the night sky. It is also designed for a comfortable fit. If you’re looking for a new football boot, the Future Z 1.2 is a great option.

Future Z 1.4

The PUMA Future Z 1.4 FG/AG soccer cleat has been updated to a new version with several significant improvements. Compared to its predecessor, the 1.4 is more streamlined and offers a more flexible fit. It also features a new upper with an improved fit. This version is available in three colors: Parisian Night, Fizzy Light, and Pistachio.

The Fuzionfit system is still on the midfoot arch but has less tension, which benefits younger players. This model is designed for the next generation of superstars. The knitted sock-like upper helps to increase comfort and provides an enhanced fit. It also features the Fuzionfit+ lockdown system.

The FUZIONFIT+ compression band and second-generation FUZIONFIT+ technology ensure ultimate comfort and fit. The boot can be worn with or without laces. Its unique asymmetrical Dynamic Motion System outsole helps to change speed and direction quickly. It also offers enhanced ball control and grip.

Future Z 4.2

The Adidas Future Z 4.2 is a lightweight, flexible soccer shoe that provides stability needed for a high-speed game. It features an advanced stud configuration, a Dynamic Motion System outsole, and a textured upper that improves ball grip and striking power. The mid-foot compression band also helps to enhance touch in key contact zones.

The Puma Future Z 4.2 football boots were designed explicitly for fast players who like to run or play with a lot of speed. They are lightweight and flexible and feature a FUZIONFIT adaptive midfoot compression band. The boots also feature diamond-shaped studs around the ball to improve grip.

Future Z 4.1

The Puma Future 4.1 is identical shoe to the Future 19.1. There is one significant change from 19.1 to 4.1, though. While the upper of the Future 4.1 is still padded, it has a new construction that gives the ball a dampened feel. The dotted upper, in particular, helps to provide this dampened feel. The dotted upper has also become the control element of the future, and Puma has fused more layers to give the ball a soft touch.

The FUTURE Z 4.1 is designed to give players a comfortable, high-performance fit. The FUZIONFIT adaptive midfoot compression band provides an unparalleled fit and lockdown, and the lightweight Dynamic Motion System outsole offers superior traction. The FUZIONFIT upper also provides an exceptional feel on the ball and touch, making it ideal for players who like to own the game.

Future Z 4.2 ‘Game On’

The Puma Future Z 4.2 ‘Game On’ football cleats are lightweight and flexible yet offer stability for a great game. These shoes feature a Dynamic Motion System outsole and a textured upper for enhanced ball control. With these boots, you can feel every touch, every step, every turn, and every pass.

The Future Z 4.2 is made with a textured upper for a superior ball grip and a non-marking low-profile rubber outsole. Its breathable, lightweight construction and compression-banded mid-foot provide a secure, comfortable fit. Its durable and lightweight construction makes it ideal for gym or indoor training.

Future Z 4.1 ‘Game On’

The Puma Future Z is an explosive, adaptive, and progressive indoor football boot designed for players who shape the game. Its low-lace design means there is no need to tighten or un-tighten it to lock in the fit. The Future Z is comfortable and supportive and doesn’t require a lace-up for a secure fit.

PUMA FUZIONFIT+ technology makes Future 4.1 more adaptable and comfortable for a player’s foot, making it ideal for players like Neymar Jr, who shape the game with their footwork. FUZIONFIT+ breaks down the differences in fit, touch, and traction to offer players a more personalized fit and experience.

The FUTURE Z 4.1 FG/AG Football Boots feature FusionFit+ Adaptive midfoot compression bend for a better lockdown. They also have a Dynamic Motion System for superior traction and energy transfer onto the pitch. This means you can get more out of every minute on the field.

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New Releases of the Future Z 11 Running Shoe
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